Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) 

Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) is an organisation that works towards reducing consumer demand for wildlife products, strengthening enforcement and mobilising public participation in combating wildlife crimes, and strengthening legislation and policy-making for wildlife protection in Vietnam. ENV’s goals is to help to take down criminal networks; establish legislation to deter wildlife crimes; ban the trade of rhino horns; destroy ivory and rhino horn stockpiles; close tiger farms and the uncontrolled breeding of tigers at zoos and rescue centres; end bear farming; freeze the licensing of commercial wildlife farms; hold authorities responsible for eradicating consumer wildlife crimes; eliminate the use of the internet to advertise and sell endangered wildlife; and, amplify the government’s awareness raising efforts to reduce consumer demand for wildlife.


Minara’s reasons for backing ENV are threefold: ENV is working in Vietnam, which has major issues with wildlife crimes and trafficking. Furthermore, ENV’s activities address the demand side of wildlife trafficking, a pivotal angle which is insufficiently catered to in most conservation efforts; and lastly, ENV is a dedicated organisation fighting for its convictions, and Minara’s grant enables it to continue to remain flexible while attempting to guarantee its long-term sustainability.


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