Southern-Tanzania Elephant Program (STEP)

The Southern-Tanzania Elephant Program (STEP) is an elephant research and conservation organisation based in Southern Tanzania. STEP works with partners in order to safeguard the long-term security of elephants in Ruaha-Rungwa, Udzungwa, and Selous.

STEP’s programmatic work in elephant protection support involves law enforcement and surveillance capacity building in Ruaha-Rungwa and Udzungwa-Selous, primarily through assistance to ranger teams on the ground with aerial surveillance coordination, GPS recording/mapping/planning of patrols, and use of ground surveillance technology. STEP contributes to building harmonious human-elephant relations by supporting five farmer groups, who manage beehive fences, with beekeeping training, the production and selling of elephant-friendly honey, additional income generating activities, and collecting data on elephant activity to protect villages. STEP also conducts and disseminates research on the threats elephants face; it was seeking USD 10,000 for 2018 to assist with this work. Lastly, STEP’s advocacy work related to raising awareness about the elephant poaching crisis, and lobbying the government for policy changes.

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